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About Us

Ok, we realize you clicked on About Us because, obviously, you want to learn About Us. But, PROJECTBOOST is really about YOU.

You are the ones who will bring change by launching and boosting Projects. You are the ones who will engage friends, family and strangers (friends you haven’t met yet!) to assist worthy causes. You are the ones who will proudly wear your BoostTees (that’s what we call our customized Project Tees).

We are the Enablers. The Backbone. The Promoters. And, we look forward to working with you to help worthy causes and spur civic pride in the neighborhoods and towns where we live, work and play.


The elder of our founders was more or less retired when he was introduced to a local campaign that combined socializing and raising money to provide goats for African families. Intrigued by this marriage of social and giving, he did some research. What he found were loads of new businesses with social missions. Great models assisting noble causes. Many were focused on the needs of third world countries. Inspiring stuff. But, he saw just as much need for help here at home. In fact, the folks down the street and across town could really use a hand. A boost. Upon recruiting his younger co-founders, PROJECTBOOST was launched. Our goal:  To build a platform that enables folks in towns and cities to bring attention to and raise money for those in need amongst us.



Mike Bridgman

Mike has been developing for the web since the dawn of the Internet. Obsessed with computers at an early age, he taught himself how to make web pages before he could even walk. That’s a lie, but he WAS reading C++ books during silent reading time in the fifth grade. Later in life, Mike moved to Chicago to study Interactive Media at Columbia College. After five years honing his skills while working for “the man”, Mike went freelance and moved back to his home town of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He’s thrilled to be working on PROJECTBOOST to help other people help other people!

Zack Scafuri

Devoted to design, Zack graduated from The University of Iowa and earned his creative chops while working at a small Chicago agency for 6 years. After a brief stint leading the design team for a Chicago food company, Zack launched his own design collaborative ( focused on building better brands. He believes whole heartedly in the PROJECTBOOST mission and is ecstatic to work with good people doing good things. When asked about what design means to him he responded, “great design should give pause.”


Shaun Emerson

A New England transplant, Shaun moved to Chicagoland after graduating from the College of the Holy Cross in 1986. After 10 years working in “big business,” and 14 leading start-ups and entrepreneurial ventures, Shaun more or less went into “semi-retirement.” Inspired by the idea of using his experience to rally folks to boost worthy causes, Shaun launched PROJECTBOOST.

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