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Be A Voice & Boost Autism Society of Illinois

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Be A Voice BoostTee

The Autism Society of Illinois (ASI) calls themselves a “boots on the ground” organization. While they provide a plethora of information for families affected by autism, their true mission is to be active and engaged in the lives of the individuals and families who need them. Whether it is lobbying the state government or negotiating an IEP for a family at a grade school, ASI is a voice for those who may not have one, who need one. They are setting an example for all of us to “Be A Voice” for those less fortunate.

Our shirt design for this Project depicts a sound wave representing a single “voice” constructed from the repeating phrase, “Be A Voice.”  It symbolizes that while we may individually be one voice, if we speak the same message we will become a truly powerful voice. The vibrant Red is not only a nod to the ASI brand, it’s also a reminder to stand up and boldly represent the good things you believe in.

Join the movement, and “Be A Voice” for autism while wearing this EXTREMELY comfortable shirt made from 50% recycled polyester (from plastic bottles) and 50% transitional organic cotton.

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