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“I Am For The Child”: Let’s Give CASA of DuPage A Boost!

Unleash Your Hero! Buy This BoostTee!

"Hero" BoostTee

Being new to CASA, we were blown away by the level of selfless commitment made by the Volunteer Advocates. To start, they must complete 35 hours of training and 3 hours of court observation. They are asked to make a minimum 18-month commitment to the program though they must see their case through to completion. In 2011, the average case was 30 months long. Over the last year, CASA of DuPage advocates spent 6000 hours on their cases and drove 14,000 miles. All to give abused and neglected children a voice.

When we considered what these folks were doing, we thought superheroes. We saw ordinary people shedding their everyday personas to do extraordinary things for the Child. So, our design is first to honor these special individuals who exhibit they clearly are for the Child. But, secondly, to call us all to unleash our own superheroes, in word and action, and also declare “I AM FOR THE CHILD.”

And there is no better uniform to pursue your heroic acts in than our “Hero” BoostTee. Constructed from 50% recycled polyester (from plastic bottles) and 50% transitional organic cotton, the “Hero” BoostTee is comfortable and lightweight whether you are wearing it alone or under your secret identity clothes.

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