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Say “Cure”: Help FOH Bring Joy to Children Fighting Cancer

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"Say Cure" BoostTee

Say Cure! We believe this phrase embraces Flashes of Hope’s goal to photograph every child with cancer until every child is cured. With every photo shoot, with every click of the camera, we foster the positive energy that gets us closer to a cure. Smile and “say cheese” or smile even bigger and “Say Cure!”

Inspiration for the shirt design was drawn from the concept of climbing a ladder to reach a goal. Just like every camera flash represents a step closer to finding the cure for cancer, each line in the graphic represents another step up towards achieving that goal.

Help Flashes of Hope climb that ladder with the purchase of our "Say Cure" shirt made from 50% recycled polyester (from plastic bottles) and 50% transitional organic cotton. How about when you get your BoostTee, you send us a photo? And remember to Say Cure!


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