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Stay Strong & Sparkle On: A Boost for Amy Kaminski and Her Family

You will sparkle when you wear this BoostTee!

"Stay Strong and Sparkle On" BoostTee

PROJECTBOOST's friend and advocate, Carrie Gowans (see Flashes of Hope) came to us and asked us to launch a Project for her friend, Amy Kaminiski. With Amy struggling to recover from an October stroke, Carrie wanted "a cute saying that reminds me of Amy & incorporates her jewelry job." Carrie shared several phrases and Jessica Barnes, our designer, applied an inspirational tweak of encouragement to "stay strong" and created the fancy, jeweled design you see below.

Now, while I don't want to discourage our male friends from purchasing this BoostTee, my guess is this feminine design will mostly appeal to the ladies. So guys, grab one for your special someone or help by making a donation! We'll be back with one for you very soon.

Sorry, this project is complete!

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