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Q & A

If, after reviewing our Q&A, we still haven’t answered your question or satisfied your curiosity, you can always ping us at


How much does it cost to “Launch A Project?”

There is no cost associated with launching a Project.

Are Other Customized Products Available In Addition To T-Shirts?

Not yet. We decided to use to the sale of T-shirts to support our causes for three primary reasons:

  1. The shirts are ideal billboards to provide additional promotion to the cause.
  2. The shirts represent a cool canvas for local artists to share their creative skills.
  3. Who doesn’t want cool t-shirts?

Who can participate?

With Community Cause and Special Event focused Projects, almost anyone can launch a Project. When it comes to boosting Projects, anyone and everyone is welcome to support the Community Cause by purchasing a shirt or making a donation.

Who can I talk to for feedback and suggestions?

Email us at with any comments you have. Someone will respond as soon as possible. We welcome your feedback.

Why is PROJECTBOOST a for-profit company and not a non-profit?

This decision was a big one for us. As a for-profit, we felt we would have the greatest flexibility to execute our plan and could do so without asking for grants or donations.


What is a Project?

This is the platform through which we raise funds. A Project can have one or two components; a community cause (required) and a special event(optional). With a custom Project page you can collect funds, show off your stylish t-shirt design and spread the word to family and friends.

How does PROJECTBOOST define a Community Cause?

Each Project is required to have a Community Cause that will be the beneficiary of our fund-raising efforts. Some examples:

+     Individuals + Families (ex. food and shelter, tuition assistance, disaster relief, etc.)

+     Businesses, Services + Non-Profits (ex. wellness programs, cancer awareness, business supplies, etc.)

+     Education + Community Centers (ex. scholarship support, new computers, p.e. supplies, parks + recreation, arts + culture, etc.)

What types of activities would rate as a Special Event?

A Project may want to spotlight a Special Event. This can be an event of personal or community interest. The sky is really the limit here. If you have a special event, but are unsure of a community cause to honor in your area, we can help you find one. Some examples:

+     Major Life Events (ex. birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, prom, etc.)

+     Community Events (ex. fireworks display, marathons, art festivals, etc.)

+     Parties + Sporting Events (ex. march madness, bar crawls, super bowl, etc.)

What is a Booster?

A Booster is someone who buys shirts, makes donations, spreads the word, posts Facebook and Twitter updates, submits photos and more. They are the VIP’s of PROJECTBOOST.

How will I know if my Project is accepted?

Once we receive your Project application, we will review it and get back to you within a couple of days. At that time, we may request more information about your Project or we may approve it and proceed to designing your BoostTee and setting up your Project page.

How long do Projects last?

Once your Project is approved, we will then create a Project-specific design for your BoostTee and a Project Page on our website. This step should take roughly 5 business days. Once launched, each Project is designed to last two weeks. If the financial goal is achieved during that timeframe, it may be extended for an additional two weeks.


What forms of payment are acceptable?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal.

Are your donations tax-deductible?

Maybe. It depends on the cause.  We let you know which causes have tax-deductible status. Hopefully, this won’t stop you from helping those in need.

Is there a minimum for donations?

Yes. The minimum donation is $10.

How much of my financial contribution goes towards the Community Cause?

For donations, 90% goes to the cause. PROJECTBOOST retains 10% for overhead and credit card fees.  For apparel sales, $8 of the product sale price will support the cause.

Why does PROJECTBOOST give $8 from apparel sales to the cause?

We want to be able to support our causes to the greatest extent possible, that is the reason we started PROJECTBOOST. But, in order to serve our mission, we must ensure that we are a viable entity. Whether a for-profit or non-profit, we have expenses. Some of expenses include: Blank Tees, Screen Printing Cost, Shipping Costs, Thank You Cards, Shipping Bags, Folding Fees, Payroll, Marketing Costs, Legal and Accounting Fees, Artist Fees, Office Supplies and many other costs that go into running a successful organization. With that reality, $8 is the maximum we can give to the cause.


Is your website secure?

PROJECTBOOST takes website security issues very seriously and uses the latest industry-standard SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption to protect your personal information. Please notice the small pad-lock icon in the locked position and the green bar across the URL in your browser during each of the pages of the checkout process. These features let you know that your transaction is safe.


Who designs the tees?

Our primary designer is Zack Scafuri, a creative genius and true student of design. His attention to detail borders on madness. To supplement Zack, we engage local artists for variety, uniqueness, and vibrancy.

What brand of shirts do you guys print on?

We went through a dozen brands before we chose the Anvil Sustainable tees. The Sustainable is a high-quality, tagless, “regular-fit” tee made from a blend of polyester (made from recycled plastic bottles) and either certified organic cotton or transitional organic cotton grown by farmers switching to organic methods.  They “fit” the mission and the body so nicely. Not only do you get that “warm and fuzzy” feeling from giving to a worthy cause, but it is certainly complimented by the feel of your BoostTee!

How long does it take to get my cause tee?

Each Project lasts two weeks and we print on the Monday following each week of the Project. Given time for printing and shipping, you should receive your BoostTee 2-3 weeks from when you order.

Can I exchange my shirt for another size?

Due to the fact that PROJECTBOOST shirts are printed to each specific order, we do not keep a stock of shirts once the Project ends. Therefore, exchanges will not be granted if you order the wrong size. Make sure you thoroughly research, double check, and ask plenty of questions to make sure that you are ordering the correct fit. Our size chart is available at the point of purchase, but for your convenience, we are including it below:














How are your shirts printed?

We print all of our tees using Top of the Line screen-printing processes.

Do your shirts shrink?

All our shirts are pre-shrunk. For more information on how your shirt will fit, view our size chart. However, if you want them to shrink as little as possible, we recommend washing your BoostTee in cold water and hanging them to dry. If for some reason you want your shirts to shrink a lot, then wash them in hot water and dry them in the dryer on high. The normal routine of wash cold, dry low should be just fine for those who are used to washing their tees in the washer and dryer.

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