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Launch A Project

We are very excited that you have taken the first step in bringing positive change to your community! As we explain in our How It Works section, you can launch two types of Projects; a Community Cause or a Special Event that benefits a Community Cause. If you are launching a Special Event Project, it is best to select a local cause you want to support. If you don’t have a local cause in mind, we will assign one to your Project.

So, let’s get started! We will need some additional information about your Project. Select an option below to reveal questions that will help us understand your Project goals. We will use this information to create your very own Project page that allows you to raise funds for your cause, tell your story, show off your BoostTee, and more. After submitting your responses, we will contact you within 48 hours to set up your Project!

I'd like to launch a:

What Special Event are you promoting?

Major Life Event (ex. birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, prom, etc.)
Community Events (ex. fireworks display, marathons, art festivals, etc.)
Parties + Sporting Events (ex. march madness, bar crawls, super bowl, etc.)

Tell us about your Special Event

Who is it for? What is the occasion? Is this a special milestone? The more detail, the better!

What would you like to achieve from this campaign?

Please tell us about the Community Cause you want to Boost and why you selected it.

This will help us create your story. The more information you provide, the better. (Examples: informational website or links, background story, what you do, what the cause stands for, etc.)

While you haven’t selected a particular Community Cause as the beneficiary of your Project, do you have any interests you would like us to consider in selecting one for you?

Select a financial goal for your Project. We have some predetermined amounts for easy selection, but if your cause has different needs, please enter the exact amount in the “Other” box.


How did you arrive at this amount?

Your project launch date

Once your Project is approved, it will take us 7 days to design the shirt for your cause, set up your Project page, coordinate with the benefiting cause, and more. All of our Projects have a 2 week lifecycle starting from the time we “launch” your Project. If your financial goal is met within that timeframe, we may offer to extend the Project an additional 2 weeks so you can raise more money for the cause. With that timeframe in mind, what date must we launch your Project?

Is there a specific reason you selected this date?

Your BoostTee Design

The ProjectBoost team designs all of the custom cause t-shirts (we call them BoostTees). We relate the messaging and graphics to your specific community cause in order to boost awareness. However, if you have any design ideas, we would love to hear them. Do you have any design preferences you would like us to consider (ex. color, image, message, etc.)?

Your Contact Infomation

Please tell us about the person completing this form:

Your Mailing Address:

How did you hear about us?


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